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VEVOR Commercial Ice Maker Machine, 120-130LBS/24H 33LBS Storage Commercial Ice Machine Fully Upgrade Under Counter Ice Machine for Home Bar, Water Drain Pump/Water Filter/Scoops Included

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Brand: VEVOR

Color: Sliver


  • ❄ [More Efficient] VEVOR ice maker operates with a powerful SECOP compressor for rapid ice making,which can produce 130lbs of ice per 24 hours,and one cycle takes only 8-15 minutes,with 33lbs ice storage capacity.It is ideal for home/office/small restaurant/bar/coffee shop etc.(To store more ice cubes,please break the ice sheets and flat them in storage bin)
  • ❄ [Premium Quality] This commercial ice maker built with fully heavy-duty brushed stainless steel and the food grade PP injection liner interior,which is easiler to clean, and bring luxurious appearance and dramatically contributes to its durability.Besides,the six-sided cyclopentane foam layer effectively isolates external heat and provides better insulation,prevent ice cube from melting,the built in blue light also makes ice cubes are more convenient to observe in dark.
  • ❄ [Comes with Accessories You Need] The commercial ice maker comes with a efficient water filter for turn tap water into pure water,which makes the ice cubes are more crystal clear and harder,cloudless and chew-able,just make sure there always have a water outlet near your machine. Besides,ice scoops,water inlet & outlet, and draining pump are in package too,all you need is thoughtfully provided.
  • ❄ [Easy Control Panel] Through the functional LED panel on this ice maker machine,any operation you want can be solved,the panel shows the status of the commercial ice maker, to ensure the efficiency of ice making. You can adjust the thickness of ice cubes by adjusting the ice making time. The industrial ice machine will clean automatically when you press the clean button for 5s.
  • ☎ [Warranty and After-sales Service] This is both a household ice maker and a commercial ice machine,you can use it in your Home/Indoor Kitchen/Outdoor Kitchen, or in Restaurant/Bar/Hotel/Grocery store anywhere.The vevor ice machine comes with 30-day resend or return on quality problems or logistics damage,and 12-month warranty from the original purchase date,lifetime technical service support. PS.Please be sure to keep ice machine upright for at least 24 hours before using it.

Details: Kindly Note: 1 The ice machine is not suitable for outdoor use The high temperature will seriously reduce the ice production Choose a well-ventilated area with the ambient temperature between 10°C (50°F) and 32°C (90°F) This appliance MUST be installed in an indoor area without wind rain water spray or drips 2 The Ice Machine requires a continuous water supply with the pressure of 0 04-0 6 MPa (5 8-87 psi) The temperature of the water inflow should be between 5°C (41°F) and 25°C (77°F) for proper operation 3 Air-cooled ice machine relies on air circulation to dissipate heat so it is necessary to reserve a certain space (5 inch for reference )before and after to facilitate heat dissipation 4 To prevent any internal damage it is very important to keep refrigeration units (like this one) upright throughout their journey Please leave it standing upright and outside the box for 24 HOURS before plugging it in 5 The filter element must be removed before using the filter and the packaging film is torn off and then tightened 6 Heat insulation function prevents ice cubes from melting for 5-7 hours (The specific duration of ice cube is affected by ambient temperature )(Suggested Please transfer the ice cubes to refrigerator if you don't use them instantly) 7 The adjustment only affects the next and subsequent ice making cycles 8 When the Ice full lights up the appliance stops working It will work again after you take out the ice