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URBNFit Wobble Cushion Pink - Core Stability Balance Disc

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  • EFFECTIVE - Looking to improve your abdominal strength, posture, or coordination? Our wobble seat can help! Stand on it during squats, sit in a V-hold, or strike a yoga pose to activate the core.
  • SUPPORT - Sitting at a desk all day can do a number on the body! Thankfully, this stability disc also doubles as a comfy office chair cushion to provide your lower back some much-needed relief.
  • VERSATILE - Our wiggle cushion goes beyond core strengthening and other types of exercise. Use it in the classroom as a sensory seat cushion for kids, in physical therapy, or as a meditation pad to relax.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - A 13" diameter enables the balance cushion to fit perfectly on most standard-sized seats. Durable PVC and a ribbed design also give you plenty of grip during use.
  • REINVENT YOURSELF - Fitness goals are only good if you're willing to follow through with them. Luckily, our balance discs are a surefire way to help you become a happier, healthier you!


URBNFit Wobble Cushion is a versatile and effective tool for improving core stability, posture, and coordination. This balance disc can be used for a variety of exercises, from standing squats to yoga poses, making it perfect for anyone looking to strengthen their abdominal muscles. Not only that, but it also doubles as a comfortable office chair cushion, providing much-needed support to your lower back after long hours of sitting. Its functional design, with a 13" diameter and ribbed surface, ensures a secure grip during use. Plus, it's not just for fitness enthusiasts - this wobble cushion can be used as a sensory seat cushion for kids in the classroom, a meditation pad, or in physical therapy. Made from durable PVC, this pink wiggle seat pad comes with an air pump to easily adjust the level of inflation. Take control of your fitness goals and reinvent yourself with the URBNFit Wobble Cushion.

UPC: 653829996902