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KoolMore Commercial One Glass Door Display Upright Beverage Refrigerator Cooler Merchandiser - 12 Cu. Ft [Black] (MDR-1GD-12C)

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Brand: KoolMore

Color: Black


  • Commercial Refrigerator Cooler – Ideal for commercial businesses or convenience stores our upright beverage cooler can be used for storing beer bottles, soda cans, energy drinks, sports and fitness beverages.
  • Double-Paned Tempered Glass – The Koolmore merchandiser refrigerator utilizes premium-grade glass to help eliminate condensation and maintain internal cabinet temperatures which helps maintain glass clarity
  • Adjustable Temperature Control – Utilizing a simple turn dial our beverage cooler can be adjusted from 1 to 7 based on the contents inside to ensure optimal coldness without freezing liquids. A smart choice for drinks, foods, or other items
  • Energy Efficient Lighting – Along with LED lighting at the top to create a more engaging display there’s an independent light switch that you can turn off before you head home to help save energy and reduce overall costs
  • Meets Strict Service Standards – Along with be being backed by a 1-year parts and labor warranty our Beverage refrigerator is certified by ETL to ensure safe working temperatures and conditions, this unit 2.3 Aps, 115V and 60 Hz

Details: Keep Must-Have Foods and Drinks Handy for Customers with a Large Glass-Door Refrigerator Designed for Merchandising When you’re trying to offer customers ice-cold beverages in your convenient store, business, or gym you want to keep drinks organized, cold, and ready to grab and go. That’s why there’s nothing better for your space than a Koolmore Beverage Display Cooler with multi-tiered adjustable shelving. An upright, space-saving design with quick-adjust temperature settings, plenty of storage space, and eco-friendly refrigerant helping to keep it powered up it’s the smart choice for your commercial business. The addition of double-paned tempered glass is designed to help completely eliminate moisture and condensation when the door is opened up and the cold contents meet the warm exterior. Each upright display cooler features multiple shelves that can be moved up or down to create more customizable spaces. Great for when you’re storing 20 oz. bottles, gallons of milk, 2-liters of soda, 40-oz. cans, and other common beverage options. The Koolmore commercial display cooler also comes with a built-in lock with matching key so you can secure certain contents you want off limits without your approval or to help maintain freshness when you lock up for the evening. Our system also uses more efficient airflow system to help keep food and drinks fresher, longer which is vital for supplying customers and guests with quality goods. The temperature control on the front makes it easier to adjust the internal temp on the fly, so you can avoid freezing items or keeping them from being too warm. Product Details: Automatic Defrost and Dynamic Cooling System CFC-Free Green Gas R290 LED Interior Illumination Double-Sided, Double-Layer Tempered Glass Duct Sheet Ventilating for Even Temperature Adjustable Shelving User-Friendly Self-Evaporation Water Tray 2.3Amp 115V/60HZ Dimensions: 24.3”W x 24.5”D x 73”H