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Carlisle FoodService Products Cateraide Plastic Insulated Dual Capacity Food Pan Carrier With Dolly, 10 Pan Capacity, 50 Inches, Black

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Brand: Carlisle FoodService Products

Color: Black


  • Keeps beverages hot or cold for up to 4-6 hours
  • Hold up to 10 full-size food pans in a variety of arrangements adaptable to meet changing needs
  • Reinforced commercial-grade polyurethane insulation maximizes temperature retention
  • Made of rugged plastic that withstands wear and tear from transportation and exposure to high heat

Details: Keep food fresh for up to 6 hours with our insulated food pan carrier. These hot boxes for catering are the best way to transport food pans for any catering event. Our Cateraide insulated food pan carrier keeps food fresh for up to 6 hours by maintaining hot or cold temperatures! This dependable food pan carrier is made of ultra-sturdy, insulated plastic and molded with ridges inside to accommodate a variety of multi-sized pans. The rugged plastic can withstand wear and tear from transportation and exposure to high heat. The molded ergonomic handles promote ease of carrying and transport. Its door swings 270°F backward and folds flush against the side to provide unobstructed access to its interior contents. The carrier snaps closed with its two clasps, sealing in temperatures and maximizing freshness. With our insulated food pan carriers, you can reduce food waste while increasing meal temperatures and quality.