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Antarctic Star Ice Maker 115V 60Hz Ice Scoop Handle Water Inlet Pipe Draining Pipe Quick Connector 40 Square Ice Cubes in 20 Minutes 80lbs in 24H 24-Hour Timer Self-Cleaning

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Brand: Antarctic Star

Color: Silver


  • 【Compact Size】The ice maker measures 18.58*15*33.7 inches and can easily fit under standard kitchen and bar countertops, making it perfect for home bars, personalized dens or restaurants. It allows you to serve soda, beer, cocktails or other drinks on the rocks anytime, anywhere.
  • 【Quickly Make Ice】This ice maker can make 40 ice cubes in 15-30 minutes and 80 pounds of ice in 24 hours, which can fully satisfy your ice needs. The water tank of the ice maker has a capacity of 0.9 liters. The ice cubes are square and clear. The thickness of the ice cubes can be adjusted according to your preference.
  • 【Automatic Cleaning & Timer】The ice maker will produce some dirt inside after long time use, which is troublesome to clear, so we thoughtfully designed the automatic cleaning function. In order to ensure the normal and clean use of the ice machine, you need to turn on this function regularly to clean the ice machine. In addition, we also designed a timer, you can set the timer through the control panel.
  • 【Clear Display】You can see various numbers and symbols clearly on the display panel of the ice maker, which represent various alerts such as ice full indication, ice making indication, water shortage indication, ambient temperature indication and so on. You can follow these prompts for further operation, and it is touch set, you just need to tap the button on the display, easy to understand.
  • 【Simple Operation and Installation】The simple control panel enables you to use the ice maker easily, complete the ice making function and taste the delicious ice drinks. In addition, the installation is also simple and quick, only 3-5 steps to complete the installation, no need to spend extra manpower and financial resources, both convenient and smart.