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Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

Any serious home cook and baker understands the importance of having a heavy-duty mixer that can keep up with their constant culinary exploits in the kitchen. The MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer from Bosch is quite a powerful mixer that can be your long-standing ally in the kitchen. Equipped with an 800-watt motor, the Universal Plus Mixer can handle up to 15 cups of flour at one time and can save you loads of time in the kitchen and also the effort of mixing large batches of dough by hand. Here is our in-depth Bosch Universal Plus Mixer review with the features of the mixer along with its pros and cons to help you decide if this is the right mixer for you.

 Bosch Universal Plus Mixer Review

All about Bosch

Bosch is a multinational German engineering company that manufactures a whole range of electronics, home and kitchen appliances. The line of kitchen mixers from Bosch is one product line in their vast catalogue of products. The first kitchen mixer was developed by Bosch way back in 1952. Renowned for their performance, durability and exceptional reliability, Bosch mixers take food preparation to an entirely new level.


Advertised as the “countrywoman’s helper”, Bosch mixers became very popular across the US and the rest of the world, simplifying various domestic chores in households worldwide. Ever since, Bosch has improved and upgraded their kitchen mixer to keep up with the demanding needs of the modern home kitchen. Continue reading our Bosch Universal Plus Mixer review to know more about this powerful kitchen mixer.


Features of the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer


 Bosch Universal Plus Mixer Beaters

Powerful Performance

The Bosch Universal Plus is equipped with a German-made 800-watt powerful motor which drives the transmission and creates a high-speed drive that is suitable for processing and blending and the low-speed drive which is perfect for mixing, kneading and creaming.


Belt-Driven Transmission

The Bosch mixer has a belt-driven transmission that provides sufficient torque required for practically any recipe and it can handle both light, as well as heavy loads, efficiently without getting bogged down or overheating. You can knead as little dough needed for a loaf of bread or up to 15 pounds of dough for 14 loaves of whole grain or white bread, or you can mix dough for up to 34 dozen cookies in one batch.


Unique Mixer Design

The Bosch mixer has a unique design with the motor located below the mixing bowl, which keeps it conveniently out of the way. The design makes the mixer extremely compact and lightweight.


Open Bowl Design

The Bosch Universal Plus has a 6.5-quart open bowl that is BPA-free, a comfortable handle that is easy to grip and a removable drive shaft that facilitates easy cleaning. The open bowl design of the mixer allows you to add the ingredients without having to adjust the mixing head time and again. You can now add your ingredients any time during the processing without any hassle and you can also see inside the bowl while mixing.


4 Speeds with Quick Pulse

The Bosch Universal Plus offers simple functionality and it offers 4 speeds and quick pulse function that are sufficient for you to create any recipe you want and makes any task easy.


Extremely Versatile

The Bosch Universal Plus mixer offers a lot more than mixing. The mixer comes along with a range of additional accessories and attachments which can grind the meat for you, shred, slice, juice, make smoothies, make homemade pasta and do a lot more in your kitchen.


 Bosch Universal Plus Mixer Dough Hook

Dough Hook

The Bosch Universal mixer features a heavy-duty dough hook with its dual blades. The bar design mimics the motions of your hands and folds, stretches and tucks the dough thoroughly kneading every ingredient and dough around the bowl, every four rotations.


2-Piece Lid

The mixer comes with a 2-piece splatter guard which fits into a little groove inside the mixing bowl and it has locking tabs to fix it. The lid helps to prevent any mess while you’re mixing your ingredients. You can use either one or both the parts depending on your requirement to add ingredients while mixing.



Dual Beaters

The dual whips of the mixer rotate in the bowl and also move independently, creating a very effective triple whipping action. You can just whip a single egg, shred cooked chicken or mash 10 lbs of cooked potatoes effortlessly.


Optional Accessories

You have several optional attachments and accessories that can be purchased separately that can increase the functionality of your Bosch Universal Plus mixer such as a meat grinder, blender, food processor, cake paddles, cookie paddles, citrus juicer, pasta maker, shredder/slicer, ice cream maker, etc.



  • Compact and lightweight machine.
  • The huge capacity of the mixer makes it ideal for large families, batch cooking and professional and home bakers.
  • Equipped with an industrial strength dough hook.
  • Splash ring lid of the mixer has a centre that is removable and lets you add ingredients into the mixing bowl conveniently and the lid also keeps the soft ingredients from spilling out of the mixing bowl during a high-speed operation.
  • Mixer equipped with a powerful 800-watt motor to handle any type of load.



  • Slightly pricey.
  • Design of the mixer can cause a mess
  • Mixtures have a tendency to get caught in the middle column, which makes the mixer a bit inconvenient to clean.


Final Thoughts

If you love making bread, then the Bosch Universal Plus mixer is definitely a great buy for you. The mixer is great for heavy-duty mixing tasks. Not only is the Bosch Universal Plus a fantastic and useful kitchen appliance, but it is also designed and engineered very well too. However, if you’re looking for a mixer to handle your smaller kitchen tasks, then the Bosch Universal Plus mixer with its 800-watt motor may be a bit excessive. Nevertheless, the Bosch mixer is a sturdy kitchen appliance to own. So, if you’re looking for a workhorse offering excellent quality, reliability and value, then look no further, the Bosch Universal Plus mixer is a great accessory for your home kitchen.